Nomadic Neutrals: The Nicole Collection

Nomadic Neutrals: The Nicole Collection

It's hard to imagine how a rich background in dance, film, cooking, and traveling the world could come together seamlessly in a visual masterpiece. And yet, Nicole Renard Warren makes it work - and well. No one does neutral quite like Nicole; her neutrals are just never boring. They are exotic, intentional and charged with her passions.

The Nicole Collection is a selection of signage co-designed with Nicole Warren herself with YOU in mind. This assortment of signage and details is made for both the homebody and the wanderer. Elevate your wedding day with these special touches, from both us and Nicole to you.


To begin, the Nicole Welcome Arch greets your guests in style by showcasing you  and your partners' names, your wedding date, and a custom welcome message. This elegant piece is sure to set the tone for your big day.



Next, help guide your loved ones to their seats with the Nicole Seating Chart. This stylish arch displays the names of your guests with style, so that it seamlessly blends in with the rest of your decor choices. To top it all off, you hardly have to lift a finger! Just send us your final seating arrangement file and a professional will take care of all proper spacing and alignment, so you can enjoy more of the bridal activities that make you happy!


Use the Nicole Stone Table Numbers to ensure your guests make their way to the right place. These beautiful stone slabs are hand cut, making each one unique. Don't worry about them ruining the tablescapes you've meticulously planned; these details are sure to stun your guests and only add to the beauty of your special day.

Marking each guest's seat are the Nicole Place Cards. These chic, arched place cards bring a unique shape and edge to your place settings. They guide your friends and family to the seats saved for them, while also adding elegance and sophistication to your tables. They pop, without taking away from the other choices on your table. 

Also waiting for your guests at their seats are the Nicole Flatware Menus. Display your delectable dining options - Nicole approved, of course! - in a one-of-a-kind way. Easily customize with your own menu items and even create different menus for guests eating anything from beef to fish to veggie! Once again, don't worry about your design abilities! A designer on our team will take care of any necessary adjustments. Bon apeitit!

Are we ready for a drink? The Nicole Bar Menu is the sweetest way to show off the cocktail options for the evening! Concoct specialty mixed drinks for your big day, or display your favorite classics with this customizable menu that allows your guests to choose from his favorite, her favorite, or the couple's joint drink of choice.

Next, the Nicole Stir Sticks and Drink Charms are here to further elevate your cocktails. Simply add you and your partner's initials and your new joint last name! These little details are sure to charm your guests and help them celebrate with every sip! Cheers!

Make sure your friends and family know where to leave their blessings and well-wishes with the Nicole Bible Guestbook. We want to help you cherish the memories, hopes, and prayers of all your loved ones. Don't let them pass by the guestbook you and your partner will look back on forever! 

Finally, ensure your guests know where to leave their gifts with the Nicole Cards and Gifts Sign. This stylish acrylic sign sure to elevate your gift area; it won't be missed, but it also won't stick out like a sore thumb. No gift left behind!

Enjoy this collection of stunning wedding details from Nicole Renard Warren. Embody some of her nomadic spirit on your own big day by making everything uniquely yours! Then take a deep breath, and leave it to us to make all of your ethereal neutral dreams come true!


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