Loving Linen Lately: The Baldwin Collection

Loving Linen Lately: The Baldwin Collection

Have you ever thought that a wedding needed to be a bit more lax? Perhaps the shiny, bold accents and rigorous timeline didn't align with the casual, laid-back personalities of the couple? Are you struggling yourself to find a wedding feel that aligns with your more relaxed style? Sometimes the pressure and expectation to have a high class wedding can feel stifling, BUT it doesn't have to!

The Baldwin Collection combines soft, relaxed linen textures, with elegant and classy neutrals, sure to satisfy the most carefree brides and even the most perfectionist mother-in-laws. Enhance your wedding to the sand-toned celebration of your dreams with each carefully curated piece in this collection, made to order especially for you.

Set the tone for a breezy and elegant day with the Baldwin Linen Welcome Sign. Cut and frayed by hand, your sign will be totally unique to you. Simply add in your own wording and personal details, then invite your guests to celebrate with you in the most beautiful and unique way possible!

Next, help your loved ones find their seats with the Baldwin Table Numbers. These signs, though small, add just the right amount of texture to your tablescapes, and they make a big impact.


Make an even bigger impact with the Deckled Baldwin Personal Menus waiting for your guests at their seats. Show off your yummy dining options for the evening with these hand deckled menus, so every card is unique! Plus, no need to stress about perfect layout design - easily add in your menu info and a professional will take care of all the spacing and alignment adjustments for you. Breathe!

The perfect additions the Deckled Menus are the Linen Baldwin Place Cards! Mix and match textures with these hand cut and frayed name cards that make each guest's place setting one of a kind. 

Let's keep on mixing and matching with the Linen Baldwin Personal Menus! These menus - also hand cut and frayed - are the epitome of both relaxed and gorgeous. Let your loved ones know what they'll be dining on tonight while adding beautiful neutral tones and layers to your tablescapes. Even create different menus for beef, fish or veggie, or for guests with dietary restrictions. The customization possibilities are endless! 

Pair those Linen Menus with the Deckled Baldwin Place Cards for even more beautiful layered textures! Wow your guests with the elevated custom and personal touches that just feel like YOU! 

Now let's get to the drinks! The Baldwin Bar Menu is the perfect way to display the bar offerings you and your partner have chosen for your big day. Easily customize this menu with your unique wedding day cocktails, then add any beer, wine, and spirit selections so your guests can make their selections quickly and conveniently. Again, don't worry about designing this piece perfectly. A designer on our team will make any necessary spacing or alignment changes to fit your specific menu! Drink up!

Say a big "thank you" to your beloved friends and family with the Baldwin Match Box Favors. These custom match box tins are a wedding favor everyone will actually want to use - they're too cute not to!

To make sure everyone grabs one, direct your guests to the favors with the Baldwin Matchbox Sign. With more romantic messaging, your guests are sure to "ooo" and "aww" over your custom favors.  

Take control of your own wedding destiny with the Baldwin Collection, and let the lines and neutral tones speak for themselves! Your big day will be complete with these elegant, yet relaxed details. Let us be the perfectionists, so that you can enjoy your wonderful day, carefree.

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