Clean Edges & a Classic Colorway: The Lynn Collection

Clean Edges & a Classic Colorway: The Lynn Collection

Today's brides are bombarded with an endless amount of wedding theme inspiration - from china blue toile, to summery butter yellows, to sunset pinks and citrus oranges. While each trend is beautiful in it's own way, they can quickly become overwhelming, and the last thing a bride-to-be needs is for her personal style to be lost in the chaos of prepping for such a momentous day.

The Lynn Collection keeps things simple, freeing you from choices of color palettes, textures, and patterns and allowing the most important thing to shine on your big day - YOU! Nothing says elegance and luxury like a classic black and white wedding! With easy, customizable options for every piece, this selection of signage and other details is tailored to be uniquely yours.

Let's start as your guests will - with a warm welcome. The Lynn Welcome Sign makes a bold statement showing off the initials of the proud couple, while simultaneously greeting your loved ones with charm and sophistication. Choose your own welcoming phrase for the top, then add in the rest of the details for you, your special someone, and your special day.

Keeping those initials on display, next let's take a look at the Lynn Seating Chart, a chic way to guide your guests to their seats. This free-standing seating chart only adds to the glamour of your wedding day, displaying your seating arrangements in the simplest, yet most stylish was possible. The best part? A design professional will take care of all the spacing and alignment details so you can focus on soaking up every last moment of your bridal era - all you have to do is send us your final seating assignment file, and we'll handle the rest.

Now that your guests know which table to look for, use the Lynn Table Numbers to make sure they arrive at the right place. These signs may be small, but they are a crucial detail in making your wedding festivities run as smoothly as possible. Luckily, these signs are sure to fit right in with your table settings, and even elevate the experience, with a subtle nod to certain renowned luxury scent...if you know, you know.

Next, truly elevate your guests' experience with the Lynn Personal Menus waiting for them at their seats. Display the delicious dining selections for your big day in a sleek and upscale way. With all the customizable options a bride could ask for, you can design different menus for your guests eating anything from beef to fish to veggie and make sure everyone's menus is unique to their "taste." These acrylic menus can also act as place cards, guiding each loved one to the seat saved for them.

If you're looking to keep your tablescapes simple, yet still personal, the Lynn Place Cards are the perfect touch. Let your guests know you saved them a seat with this classic black and white detail. We'll ensure your place settings match the elegance of your other pieces, leaving no detail untouched.

At this point, it's time for a drink! Let the Lynn Bar Menu speak for itself and show off your fabulous drink selections to your guests. Create your custom wedding day cocktails - maybe a his and hers moment? - and add them to the menu! Then, add in any wine, beer, or spirit options so your guests can order with ease. Again, no need for mad design skills! A professional will double check your work and make all the necessary spacing adjustments so you can sit back, relax and plan that honeymoon!

Enhance your bar even further with the Lynn Stir Sticks and Drink Charms, the perfect touch of personalization to help your loved ones celebrate with every sip. Choose from different colorways and easily add your initial and wedding date to these charming details. No champagne tower or cocktail is complete without them, just our humble opinion.

And finally, before your guests depart, but preferably after they've enjoyed a few cocktails, make sure they leave you a message with the Lynn Guestbook Sign. This elegant sign instructs your friends and family on how to leave you their well wishes at your audio guestbook on your special day. From the long, sappy sonnets, to the brief, giggly notes, we'll help make sure you capture them all.

Let the Lynn Collection elevate your big day with classic colors and styles that will never get old. Select and customize personal details that you and your partner will look back on for years to come. Then sit back and let us take the reins to ensure every detail and moment is perfected.

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